Vacation in our Big Bear Cabin

Welcome to our Big Bear cabin.  This is a vacation home that’s for rent in big bear.  The purpose of this site is to help familiarize our renters with the cabin and also for any one considering staying at our cabin for a vacation.

This cabin is located at a private cul-de-sac by Snow Valley and Snow Summit (ski resorts).  You have a view of the slops.  The travel time to reach both slope, Vons, restaurants is about 5-10 minutes.  The cabin is 3 level with 3 bedrooms plus a loft.  All TVs and common area has a TV with Netflex, Hulu, Amazon Prime, music radio setup.   This cabin also has 2 outdoor deck to enjoy the nature at the comfort of the cabin.  The latest addition is a single person jetted soak tub in the newly remodeled bathroom.


The website has all menu links up top.  They are broken into different categories such as: before you arrive, while you are in the cabin, and getting ready to leave.

We do not stay in Big Bear and we use outside services to clean and maintain the cabin.  Also, we cannot be by the phone 24/7 to answer questions/emails.  Instead, we create this website to make it easier for you to browse through and search for an answer.  Over the years, we’ve been adding more FAQs here, so 99% of the time, your answer is in this website.

We hope you enjoy the cabin and make the most out of your vacation!

Big Bear Cabin Amenities

This cabin comes with everything you might need. * Each room has a LCD TV * Game Room * Pool Table * DVD Player & Internet TV (Apple TV) * High Speed Internet * 3 Big Beds & 4 Small Beds * 2 Decks Ski Slope/Mountain View (it’s gorgeous) * 5 Minutes drive to ski slope (yes, we are close to the ski slopes) * Outdoor BBQ Grill * 3 Story Cabin * 2 Stone, Genuine Fireplaces * Mountain Col De Sac Privacy (good for kids)

809 Plumas Ct Parking

2-3 parking spaces. Additional 2 can be parked on the street (non-permitted during snow season).

Noise inside the Cabin

The cabin floor makes squeeky noises when walked on. It is in the plans to be fixed but meanwhile, it is a potential concern for some renters.

Proximity to Everything

The cabin is located by Bear Mountain and about 10 minutes from Snow Summit. You can actually see Bear Mountain from our patio (but it’s not walkable distance). The cabin is about 10 minutes from Vons, Starbucks, Kmart, other restaurants and bars. The cabin is also close to the side of the Big Bear lake with the wooden bridge for fishing or walking.